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To arrange a free no obligation visit, estimate or simply for more information please call Toby on 07967157605 for a chat or you can either email me at The more information you give me (please see below the form) the faster and more accurate will be my reply, many thanks. If I am busy, I often am, please do leave a message. I will call you back in the evening or the next morning. I aim to reply to emails within 24 hours. If you do not receive a prompt reply remember I am fallible, sometimes working long hours with long commutes on very tiring work. If I should fail to get back to you within 24 hours don’t be shy, please do chase me up! I often deserve it.

The following information would be helpful when contacting me

Telephone number

Sometimes emails go astray, usually via a firewall or spam filter, a contact number is always useful for checking whether you have received my email reply.

Scope of works

Number of rooms or areas, approximate size of rooms in meters. Natural finish or staining? Do you require gap filling or any repairs / fire hearth removal / additional floor laying?


A picture is worth a thousand words (at least). Photographs can be very helpful, if you have any please consider sending them.

Traditional pigments and wood stains on apron

Estimates and Quotations

I am happy to provide estimates over the phone or via email for comparison or for insurance purposes. The more information you provide the more accurate the estimate will be.

If you have received the estimate and are still interested in moving forward I will, in most instances, arrange for a free site survey to take place after which a full written quotation will be provided. For smaller and more straight forward jobs a site survey may not be required, for larger and more complex jobs, especially where there may be a large amount of repairs I will always arrange to visit. If the job is in a different part of the country (or another country) I may ask you to provide photographs, although I also aim to visit wherever possible.

I am genuinely interested in old properties and I am always happy to offer free expert advice/identify wood species/estimate age of timber etc. especially on older more interesting listed properties, just send me some photos and I will help if I can.

Further information can be found in my Guide articles.

Commercial Customers

For commercial customers we offer a very fast turnaround and high quality dust free service whether it be boardroom table refinishing, school floor sanding, church hall floor sanding, hotel floor sanding or retail floor sanding. We use the highest rated lacquers and apply the correct thickness of coating ensuring that our refinished tables, floors and architectural woodwork look good for many years.