Period Floor Repair

“People seldom do what they believe in. They do what is convenient, then repent.” – Bob Dylan

300 year old worm eaten wide pine floor board being repaired

Wood floor renovation and restoration

We specialise in wood floor repairs, notably very old period floors to unlisted and listed buildings. We undertake repairs and restoration of wood floors in a manner that virtually no other company in the UK does because of the level of effort, expertise and dedication required, we are often several times cheaper than alternative quotes for similar work, many from companies that are happy to break the listed planning rules for ease of working or to sell you their over inflated reclaimed timber, if you have contacted any of the big companies have a chat with us and see how we can offer you a more sympathetic job for less money which retains as much as possible of the original timber.

Festool MFT portable worktop and Festool Trion jigsaw repairing parquet floor

It is often a matter of effort and will, these type of jobs are to some extent a labour of love as they are often frustrating as anyone into a period house renovation soon learns, we are happy to go the extra mile and reap the rewards with great personal satisfaction and very appreciative customers.

Repairing old Victorian pine floor with reclaimed floor boards

Repairing pine floorboards individually

There is often no need to throw away damaged old floor boards, with our bespoke designed portable MFT clamping systems we can repair and glue boards that others throw away. Not only does this retain the original historic fabric of the building it reduces the need for colouring to match new reclaimed timber to the existing. With the prices for decent reclaimed Victorian floorboards exceeding seventy pounds per meter before fifteen percent wastage, coupled with the critical need to visit to inspect the timber before purchase it often proves economically prudent to take the time to repair individual boards.

Obviously we also repair old oak and elm boards in the same manner which are often even more expensive and simply so rare that often one would have to wait many months to source suitable replacements.

Repairing individual Victorian pine floor boards with Bessey screw clamps

Wood floor joist levelling

From shimming individual replacement boards to rejoisting the entire floor. Using high grade C24 treated joists from proper timber yards, the correct carriage bolts and washers, augmented by high tensile screw fixings we usually add supplementary rows of noggins to ensure the repaired floor is often stronger and moves less than the original reducing the stress on original lime plaster ceilings below.

We aim to help as much as possible

Indeed if you want us to clean out the ceiling void from above and repair the broken lathe and plaster snottings to prolong the life of your lime plaster ceiling below and prevent further cracks we can even do that too. Timber treatments, which are thankfully rarely required or the fitting of cellotex or environmentally friendly insulation can be done at the same time. If we find something dodgy, we try and fix it, from a Feng shui point of view most restorations we undertake involve a drastic reduction in the amount of stupid in the property.

We know proper restoration and renovation work is expensive and are eager to add as much value as we can to your project, we also much appreciate period buildings and their preservation. We aim to be as helpful as possible where we can, within our limits.

Beautifully stained Victorian pine floor

Fire and flood damage floor restoration

We have undertaken a number of fire and flood floor restorations across the UK. The relatively generous amounts afforded by most insurance companies allows us to get top quality replacement timber milled such as quarter grain English oak or to source the best reclaimed timbers to match in. From a single room to an entire stately home.

Fire damaged English oak floor in need of repair

Period wood restoration

We also restore all damaged woodwork, handrails, fire surrounds, bars, doors, in fact anything wooden, often fire and flood restoration involves more than just the floors, we are capable of cleaning and restoring all associated wood work, leather, brass work, bronzing, gilding and in some cases stone and marble.

Work in progress on Mackintosh English oak interior at Camerton Hall
Camerton Hall lounge with sanded and finished floor and restored and French polished fire surround
Lovely Mackintosh oak room French polished at Camerton Hall

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