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Advanced DIY guides – Wood stripping – Floor Sanding – Wood Finishing

These DIY guides were originally written in 2006 and are amended when I get the chance. These pages remain by far my most visited.

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Author - Toby Newell
Author – Toby Newell

French polisher and floor sander with over 25 years of experience in the industry. I started working with my Grandfather in 1986 aged 15. I constantly try to improve my knowledge and skills. Read Materials Engineering in Sheffield and attended the London College of Furniture. Have City and Guilds certificates in both Wood Finishing and Antique Restoration. I specialise in restoring period timber, staining and colour matching. I have published a number of articles on wood restoration and give advice on forums and to people worldwide via email. I always try my best to be honest, open and helpful.

Guide to Wood Stripping

Guide to Wood Floor Sanding

Guide to Wood Finishing