“The future is already here — it’s just not very evenly distributed.” William Gibson

Dust free floor sanders

I spend a lot of time researching working methods and machines and am on a constant quest to improve. I use Lagler Hummel belt and Flip edge sanders which do most of the heavy work, they are considered to be the most dust free and efficient sanders available. I use the Bona flexisand with four head drive to finely smooth out the intermediate sanding. Lagler Trio three head industrial finishing sanders are used on larger or commercial jobs as they are more time efficient.

Several years ago to improve dust extraction I removed the dust bag from the Flip edge sander and connected the outlet pipe directly to my Festool dust extractor via suction hose, improving dust retention and reducing downtime emptying bags (which is a major cause of dust release) at the time no one else did this. Most people still do not but after seeing my setup the Lagler importer KHR started selling modified socket pipes for this purpose. By careful thought and imagination I am always thinking of ways to make working easier, cleaner and more efficient in ways that in some instances proceed ideas developed by major importers and manufacturers.

All of my machines are regularly serviced and updated when a newer technology comes out, I only use the best available, simply because they are more efficient, more dust free and easier to use, this makes for a cleaner, faster more cost effective job that is less stressful for both the contractor and customer.

Lagler dust free sanding machines

We use the Lagler Hummel and Flip which were the first two sanding machines in their class to pass the German DGUV wood dust test. Lagler invented the endless belt floor sander and are considered the best, most dust free sanding machines available. Lagler also make the best most efficient abrasives which also help to increase efficiency.

We do not use the low quality hire machines because they are slower, leave marks in the floor and their dust extraction is very poor. Whilst you can hire the high quality professional sanding machines the variable maintenance, level of wear and adjustment means their use gives inconsistent results, which is why we own all our own machines which are maintained by professional technicians.

Festool dust extraction machines and sanders

I also use Festool hand sanders and dust extractors. Festool invented the orbital sander and are world leaders in portable dust extraction. All my machines either have their own on board dust containment system or are connected to a secondary dust extraction unit.

My jigsaw, large portable table saw and mitre saw are also designed to connect to these automatic dust extraction vacuums ensuring that whilst there still is some dust, the dust is kept to the bare minimum possible.

Clean, efficient and thoughtful

I bring my own portable bin with reinforced bags, my tool boxes stack, are compact and clean with no sharp edges, I carry protection to go under the boxes when not in the work area. This helps ensure the work area is left clean and safe every night. I aim to leave the property cleaner than when I arrived.

If you look carefully around this website you will see hundreds of authentic photographs of our actual work and in most of them you will notice the absence of dust, even during the job, this was not done for the purposes of taking photos, simply it is how we work.

I am not loyal to any one brand, I simply aim to acquire the best, most efficacious machines in their class irrespective of cost and modify systems if they can be improved. Small iterative efficiency gains add up and allow me to work smarter, harder, quicker and cleaner.

Clean, tidy, efficient, I even bring my own portable dustbin with industrial refuse sacks. The work area is always clean before, during and after the job.

Safe, powerful, efficient LED lighting

I have the latest high efficacy, high luminance, LED lighting systems. I can work under any lighting day and night, the lights can be left on, overnight, with zero fire risk. In addition I have high power detailing lights with variable mounting systems and head mounted floodlights to enable 24hr working in any area large or small. Better light = better finish.

Fume extraction for solvent finishes and fillers

I use water based finishes where possible but some fillers and sealers are solvent based, if the job requires extensive use of solvent based finishes, I have large volume air movers to clear the air quickly and efficiently.

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