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Floor sanding and wood restoration in London, Surrey and South East

Pine floor stained mid brown

Staining pine floor mid brown

Description: This floor was a very badly laid newer replacement floor which had not been fitted correctly and was very dirty. The customer wanted a medium stain and she showed me an example via her neighbours house, although preferably smoother. I did smoother painstakingly sanding the floor by hand and…

Smoked oak hotel floor

Description: The bar (not shown) was difficult as was the restaurant, smoked oak colour (shown) due to the need to obtain exactly the right colour. I maybe foolishly decided to use a traditional water stain rather than an easier but less natural looking nitro stain which on such a large…

Sanding fumed oak

Description: This is the bedroom floor that I refinished in the house with the 60 sqm Versailles parquet living room. The floor was laid at the same time by the same company and as I found out during the course of the job, originally finished by a good friend and…

Sanding reclaimed oak board

Description: The installation had been carried out to a very poor standard using thin boards and a weak and unsuitable sub floor, however the wood was obviously a reclaimed country grade containing many knots and shakes and consequently was very good looking.

Reclaimed pine floor fitting

Description: This was indeed a challenge not made any easier by the reclamation yard who supplied short boards of three different types. The original pine boards had previously been replaced over the majority of the floor with very poor quality new boards which didn’t fit properly and had little character…

Hand sanding Versailles parquet

Description: This was a job I undertook in a very large property by the sea where I completed this floor which was the main living room (around 60 sqm) and a bedroom. The floor was a hand rolled oak Versailles parquet panel floor, which means it was shaped by hand…

Hand sanded pine floor

Description: This was very hard work. Due to my experience I knew what it would involve and I only have myself to blame as I frequently seem to accept jobs that few will take on and even fewer who will bother to do them properly. I still haven’t worked out…

Fitting dark oak floor

Description: The original floor was too damaged to save as it had been destroyed by the actual installer during the installation and sanding, who also managed to fit a pine floor sold as oak. Very sad.